Advancing Materials and Manufacturing in the Digital Age

As the principal scientist at KMMD, Dr. Branden Kappes has spent more than two decades developing expertise at the intersection of materials, manufacturing, and data science. KMMD is strategically positioned to simplify the relationship between materials, manufacturing and data science: enabling the development of new materials and new manufacturing technologies.

Society has entered the silicon age, and in this age of information, the impact of data science is everywhere. From finance to agriculture, Wall Street to the Heartland, data science has impacted every corner of the economy. And the advance of once novel technologies to commercially viable products is no exception. Materials developments have improved thermal management in hypersonic aircraft and enabled grid-scale deployments of advanced photovoltaics. By connecting economics to experiments, measurements to models materials informatics reduces the time and cost of new developments. But to use materials informatics effectively requires a perspective that sits at the intersection of materials, manufacturing, and data science.

Materials are enabling technologies that represent step-changes in human capability and they are the gatekeeper to advancement. Whether in the development of a new material or the optimization of a new design or a new process, success depends on incorporating the knowledge acquired by experts over decades with the insights illuminated by materials and manufacturing data. With such broad experience, KMMD is able to connect domain experts and expertise across computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry, and materials science with the capabilities of data science, bringing new capabilities to market faster and more efficiently.